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Critical Mind Dump

EP Out on Six Tonnes De Chair

"It’s a cracking blast of lo-fi guitar-driven alt-rock... ‘Critical Mind Dump’ is fizzing with post-punk energy and packs an old-school vibe that’s rare nowadays... it’s raw, immediate, real." [8/10]

"The pace is harshly merciless and yet, despite all the sonic booms, rumbles and pounding, Dare creates melodic bubbles, sly hooks and catchy structures. He's quite a wizard and a sound magician." Desibeli



"Recommended for fans of KING GIZZARD, fuzz pedals, and maybe those rad conversion vans with wizards painted on the side." MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

"DIY psych punk Dez Dare pits sledgehammer riffs and lo-fi electronics against a world of monsters... dynamically armed with a ten-pronged set of lyrical barbs and musical hooks that, once heard, sink deep and hold fast." The Wire [Edwin Pouncey]

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