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CHIMP015 - A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. [LO].jpg

A Billion Goats.
A Billion Sparks.

CD / digital / deluxe vinyl + comic album out March 1st on God Unknown Records

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"There's an anarchic joy to Smallman's DIY production" The Wire

Dez Dare blends squalid punk sounds with aspects of brown acid psychedelia, building into something uniquely wild and colourful. The Australian psych-punk legend is a true underground hero - 'Got A Fire In My Socket' is a real ear-worm." Clash

Pulsing electro-punk." Vive Le Rock

Squelchy, psychedelic electro-punk genius" Maximum Volume Music

Infectious psychedelic punk trash like a Weird Al Yankovic from the happy part of hell." Luminous Dash
"The fierce delivery of the lyrics captures Dez Dare’s unique and powerful vocal style, searing through all the immense instrumentation components and marking the vision with this passionate punch." Circuit Sweet


"This is nuts, plinky plonky electro psycho nuts plinky plonky guitar lunacy!" Fighting Boredom

Dez Dare - Gotta Cold Feeling (God Unknown Records, 2024)

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