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Dez Dare  - 'Josephine Says Explode' (God Unknown Records 2024)
Dez Dare - Full Performance (Live at Act Cool)
Dez Dare - Gotta Cold Feeling (God Unknown Records, 2024)
Dez Dare  - 10,000 Monkeys + An Argument With Time
Dez Dare - Got a Fire In My Socket
Dez Dare - Uncanny Velocity
Dez Dare - A Chimp, A Tricycle, New World Order
Dez Dare - Bozo

Latest LP

CHIMP015 - A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. [LO].jpg

A Billion Goats.
A Billion Sparks.

CD / digital / deluxe album vinyl + comic out now on God Unknown Records

"Incredibly creative and productive... the result is vibrant psychedelic noise herb punk, somewhere between BEVIS FROND, ALIEN SEX FIEND, DINOSAUR JR, BLACK ANGELS and the Canadians HOT GARBAGE. Crazy? Crazy!" OX Fanzine [7/10]

"Sounds like MONSTER MAGNET and DEVO caught in a drug bust. Heavy groove riffs and psych experimentation nestle up to chirping 8-bit synths and crunchy beats, accompanied by spoken/barked vocals... Highly unique and highly recommended." MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

"There's an anarchic joy to Smallman's DIY production." The Wire

"The Australian psych-punk legend is a true underground hero." Clash

"Pulsing electro-punk." Vive Le Rock

"Dez Dare is a punk rock astronaut. A psych-noise shaman. A DIY Doctor Manhattan." The Dredge [7.4/10]

Dez Dare is one of those artists not afraid to push the boundaries of musical exploration and integration so far beyond the boundaries of the existing maps." Über Rock

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