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Ulysses Trash album


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"This balance - between big and small, between composure and fury - is what makes the record so engaging, Smallman's gaze of disdain flitting from universal issue to idiosyncratic bugbear without pause. On "Tyrannosaurus Shake" he spits lines about obnoxiously tight handshakes, moving immediately to "Bloody Sea, Holy Fuck” which seethes over ocean pollution. Where the emotive weight could easily be lost within the tumult of post Geelong guitars, here it is high and bold, registering with intimacy and wit." The Wire

“Ulysses Trash is brilliantly conceived, shockingly under produced and a worthy testimony to one man’s trip. Over in the blink of an eye in a gloriously extended WTF moment of unbridled chaos Ulysses Trash is a triumph and will comprehensively add more aural colours to your sonic palette." All Music [9/10]

"Ulysses Trash, is above all else, a fun album, and nobody sounds like they are having as much fun as Dez Dare himself." Distorted Sound [7/10]


"The lone fighter is something like the punky-grungey and above all a few years younger version of Bevis Frond, offering fuzzy psychedelic noise rock on 'Ulysses Trash'." OX [8/10]

"Pulsating with a Stooges and Mudhoney blessed garage grit" The Punk Site

"I would say if Hawkwind wrote two-three minute punk songs, they would sound just like this and that’s a hell of a compliment!" Über Rock

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All audio + video made by Darren Smallman

Illustrations by MALMALL

Mastered by Greg Obis @ Chicago Mastering Service

Backing vocals by Mike Peregrino + Prof Maz

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