Splitz: melt citizen + Dez Dare [EP]

"A very fearful visual and sound nightmare, which leaves us with our mouths open and our brains hot. It's pure punk, but the kind that breaks your conscience and you don't really know what's going on around you." Indie Criollo

"Paired with the worthy UK act Dez Dare, whose buzzy, distorto-noise-punk is nastier and more insidious - and also hooky" The Big Takeover
"Fuzzy scuzz rock" I-94 Bar

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God Awful Helicopter

Belting out my mind, fuzz, fear, clouds, dry.
Collapsing crowd on the balance of the tide.
Better know, better try, better cry, not sure why.
Every-day, every-night, say goodbye, no goodbye.

Raised up on hi, bowed out on time,
Sisyphus on hi, best change my mind.

God awful helicopter, scanning, buzzing, planning my demise.
Gotta, gotta run, sugar’s on my mind.
Weighing down, shouting out, don’t ya claw on time.
Every-day, every-night, say goodbye, no goodbye.

Bitterness on Behemoth

Faint watermarked shoes, sinking, giddy, tired.
Dry and smokey fever brewing, wells of hearts left aside.
Cloaks and chokes guide my morning.
Light peaks, day creeps, the brightness collides.

Sun says farewell, moon is on the rise.
Best take the rest, take the test, I bet you’re fine.
Won’t you think of someone else, the distant kind.
Don’t you see the irony, of not seeing kind.

Bitterness on behemoth they did cry.
Hold me tight, hold me tight, they screamed to the sky.

Hollow gestures, grand faded ideals, i have to say goodbye,
open is my mind, golden and maligned.

The city is cold and dry.