So Cold, Josephine [EP]

"A psych-fuelled and punk-tinged space blanket for the soul. Riff-ready and groove-ridden" Hard of Hearing

"A psych-tinged knuckle duster during a trippy night of psychedelics" Get Some



Monkey, Monkey

Why so cold, Josephine.
Dirty liqueur and Visine.
Caught a vacant, pretty scene.
Why so cold, Josephine.

Hey, hey, monkey, monkey.

I'm no better, Josephine.
Projecting existential dreams.
Living life from way up high.
I'm no better, Josephine.

I'm so cold, Josephine.

Maybe Things Aren’t So Bad?

Emphatic loss of light.
No brain. No light.

An echo chamber of hollow ends.
No brain. No light.

Warm rage at mindless stares.
No brain. No light.

Blood soaked sun, hope runs, right?
No brain. No light.

She’s Got a River in her Heart

She's got a river in her heart.
She's got an ever guiding spark.
He's got a vacant empty smile.
A tangerine replaces idle minds.

Golden Heartbreak Ideology

Clouds and pressure descend.
Tonnes of weight pushing against my...
Sounds are distant, bellowed, hollow.
Glass wall's impenetrable.
The days wear on, electric, distant.
Metallic heavy clouds.
Beaten up.
Broken up.
Apoplectic heavy heart.
Silver heavy guided.

Golden heartbreak ideology.

Weightless and divided in time.
Hold up your head.
Scream so loud.
Nothing but today.
Nothing but today.
Nothing but today.
Nothing but today.