Hairline Ego Trip [Album]

"Unpredictable genius" The Pit of the Damned (Il Pozzo dei Dannati)

"Another absolute blast of riff-driven garage" Louder Than War

"[Dez Dare] addresses current worldwide socio-political anxiety with clever lyrical economy and exhilarating, feral garage synth punk" Vive Le Rock [9/10]

"Clearly rooted in punk but with big veins in psychedelic, stoner, fuzz, garage… and more!" Slam [8/10]

"Riff-heavy, blown-out garage-punk from the UK's Dez Dare with lyrics aimed at the political forces of division and isolation" Bandcamp

"One to look forward to" Artrocker Radio

"Hawkwind and Butthole Surfers are on the same unstable wavelength that Dare is tuned into... an unpredictable album that lives on the edge of counter culture, right on the undefinable, original and chaotic outer limits" The Punk Site [3.5/5]

"A hell of a trip to go on... so I’d like to thank Dez" Weirdo Shrine

"Gloriously homemade DIY punk" Punktuation

"Sounds like Black Sabbath accidentally inhaled an ounce of speed instead of their usual back in the day." Über Rock

"I like this. I like the scuzzy electric guitar; it reminds me of Sebadoh running after a bus after having a head on collision with a giant wasp. It has that “yes I am here to entertain and liven up the next two minutes of your life with a blistering piece of alt punk rock, and after that you can fuck off and paint your face with the remnants of your mothers old colostomy bag…see if I care” vibe" Monolith Cocktail

"It’s intelligent, loud and very, very satisfying" P3dro


Animation by MALMALL

Produced by Argate Creative


Dumb Dumb Dumb

So hi on nationalistic pride she cried.
Faded, hated, hearts, bitter, declined.
Better find clarity, better find that damn line.
The choice to live best, made by force rather than design.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Internationalism, failure, one world divide.
Constant by proxy only leads to clouded ideals.
Best try your luck, best test your wires.
Bits, bytes, hearts, clouds, wires.

Heaven help the ones that try, only if they have the hearts to.
Faded, hated, hearts, bitter, declined.
Better find clarity, better find that damn line.
The choice to live best, made by force rather than design.

Conspiracy, O' Conspiracy

Deception rides the wire.
Filtered through your digits.
Delivered by beasts on hi.
Subverting bits and bytes and mires.

High-hopes, low-times.
High-stakes, dumpster fires.

Doubted by deduction.
Destroyed by minds on hi.
Anger won't help.
Action vs time.
Deliver parallel designs.

King + Queen Monstrosity

Oh, King + Queen.
Gonna itch, gotta place to be.
Monstrous ways, horrid till the ends.
Gotta itch on me.

My My Medulla

Sister, sister.
Tingling, twisting up my spine.
Brother, brother.
Clouded vision, got a clear, clear mind.
Friend, my friend.
Call to me and drag the line.
Head, my head.
Got that line of mine.
Bitter shake, shake, shake, shake...
Shake my medulla.

Sister, sister.
Belting out your love of time.
Brother, brother.
Linear life is a trick of light.
Friend, my friend.
Goddamn sky, so far and wide.
Head, my head.
Tricking, testing, fooling, mine.
Bitter shake, shake, shake, shake...
Shake my medulla.

Sandy's Gonna Try

Sandy's gonna try, greens and blues and boys online.
Gilded and projected, bitter, enclosed.
Oh, better scream to them, Oh, better grow.
Days like these aren’t gonna make you whole.

Sandy's gonna try, stronger than their mind.
Vanity falls in line, calls to them, calls to bytes.
Oh, climb the sea, Oh, be my scene.
Hell knows you wouldn't be without me.

Bitter bytes, daily lies, damaged minds.
Sandy’s gonna try, Sandy’s right on time.

Break My Vice

Speedin’ off to nowhere fast, calling down the wire.
Believe me baby, nothin's gonna glide.
Contempt collides, dangerous and defined.
Believe me baby, I gotta break my vice.

Break my vice.

Crowned by Catastrophe

I’m crowned by my betrayal.
Holy pressure, vacant days.
Openness is delayed.
Crowned by catastrophe, crowned by malaise.

I’m crowned by the grey.
Bearing down, fading days.
Fuzz and wire and hope and hell.
Crowned by catastrophe, crowned by malaise.

I’m crowned by my ways.
Data built in from the start.
Information helps, darker than the hills.
Crowned by catastrophe, crowned by malaise.

Goodbye Autonomy

The birch canoe slid on the smooth planks.
Glue the sheet to the dark blue background.
It's easy to tell the depth of a well.
These days a chicken leg is a rare dish.
Rice is often served in round bowls.
The juice of lemons makes fine punch.
The box was thrown beside the parked truck.
The hogs were fed chopped corn and garbage.
Four hours of steady work faced us.
Large size in stockings is hard to sell.
What joy there is in living.

The boy was there when the sun rose.
A rod is used to catch pink salmon.
The source of the huge river is the clear spring.
Kick the ball straight and follow through.
Help the woman get back to her feet.
A pot of tea helps to pass the evening.
Smoky fires lack flame and heat.
The soft cushion broke the man's fall.
What joy there is in living.

Vocal samples: Open Speech Repository

Tractor Beam, Shitstorm

Beam on beam, storm on hi.
Pull me in, ego bled dry.
Stagnation, our hopes bled down.
Only quiet nights, narcissist defined.
Data close-by, written up in bytes.
Fuck me my friend, why so blind.

Gonna help you climb from the mire.
The beam pulls you in,
fire, bloody fire.