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Perseus War album



"DIY psych punk Dez Dare pits sledgehammer riffs and lo-fi electronics against a world of monsters... dynamically armed with a ten-pronged set of lyrical barbs and musical hooks that, once heard, sink deep and hold fast." The Wire [Edwin Pouncey]

"Recommended for fans of KING GIZZARD, fuzz pedals, and maybe those rad conversion vans with wizards painted on the side." MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

"Sludgey-grungey-fuzzed psychedelic-noiserock... I like the fact that despite all the edgy complexity, catchy songs emerge again and again." OX Fanzine [8/10]

"Grimy, experimental art-punk blending distorted slabs of guitar, noisy psych-infected electronics, and racing beats... busy like Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights." The Big Takeover

"From the opener 'Bozo', which unleashes snare pounding and swirling noise, to the epic finale, the lo-fi hit 'Stop. Stop. Stop. Talking', 'Perseus War' follows an arc of suspense. The common thread is the fuzz pedal, which sizzles in all stages from psychedelic to destructive." VISIONS [Albums Of The Week]

"Dez Dare's music is uncompromising, unconditional and fascinating in all its strange angles... an explosive Garagepunk Gem" Desibeli [3/5]

"Early 90s-inspired take on DEVO punk... high energy sucker punches on your ear." Weirdo Shrine

"A fuzzy psychedelic stomp." Betreutes Proggen

"We thought that Darren Smallman would not be able to match, let alone improve on, the record Ulysses Trash... Well, he can and does it superbly on Perseus War" Luminous Dash

"Commanding a raucous combination of punk and noise-rock, Dez Dare’s frenetic blend of influences encapsulates the neurodivergent experience." Musipedia of Metal [9/10]

"Dez takes us on a psychedelic garage punk voyage of discovery which just like its predecessor is quite unlike anything you’ll hear (or in fact see) this year." RPM Online

"Perseus War is a masterpiece of puzzlement... it's fuzzed up, mixed up with frantic, chaotic energy. Every track rages like an acid trip in the brightest technicolor imaginable... it's dirty, gritty, fuzzy, scuzzy and something a bit unique!" Click Roll Boom

"It rocks and grooves like crazy, seeming to grab a fistful of the musical grab bag of the 60s, 70s and 80s." Subjectivisten


All audio + video made by Darren Smallman

Illustrations by MALMALL

Mastered by Greg Obis @ Chicago Mastering Service

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