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Hairline Ego Trip album



"Riff-heavy, blown-out garage-punk from the UK's Dez Dare with lyrics aimed at the political forces of division and isolation" Bandcamp

"Rolling in at little more than half an hour, Dez Dare's Hairline Ego Trip is a record that arrives with a bang without ever feeling like it falls prey to posturing or cliche" Louder Than War

"I like this. I like the scuzzy electric guitar; it reminds me of Sebadoh running after a bus after having a head on collision with a giant wasp. It has that “yes I am here to entertain and liven up the next two minutes of your life with a blistering piece of alt punk rock, and after that you can fuck off and paint your face with the remnants of your mothers old colostomy bag…see if I care” vibe" Monolith Cocktail

"Hawkwind and Butthole Surfers are on the same unstable wavelength that Dare is tuned into... an unpredictable album that lives on the edge of counter culture, right on the undefinable, original and chaotic outer limits" The Punk Site

"The Aussie ex-pat delivers sharp lyrics wrapped in high-voltage garage-punk riffs" Tinnitist

"Sounds like Black Sabbath accidentally inhaled an ounce of speed instead of their usual back in the day." Über Rock

"A hell of a trip to go on... so I’d like to thank Dez" Weirdo Shrine

"This album needs to be heard loud enough for your walls to be shaking" Whisperinandhollerin


All audio + video made by Darren Smallman

'My My Medulla' video by Caleb Cameron @ Argate Creative

Illustrations by MALMALL

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