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Critical Mind Dump EP


Dez Dare - Uncanny Velocity
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Limited edition vinyl released by Six Tonne De Chair

Limited Advanced Vinyl + Digital (One Per Customer)​

Limited Opaque Magenta Vinyl + Digital​

Limited Black Vinyl + Digital​


'Dez Dare Spreads Autism Awareness Through Experimental Rock' Bandcamp article


"'Weasel Breath' is one of those hip-shaking motoriks Dare does so well, with spine-tingling squirts of synth and a typically declamatory vocal. More Dez Dare in the world is inarguably a good thing, so get stuck in." The Wire

"The pace is harshly merciless and yet, despite all the sonic booms, rumbles and pounding, Dare creates melodic bubbles, sly hooks and catchy structures. He's quite a wizard and a sound magician." Desibeli

"Dez Dare’s new EP is short, sharp and succinct... fantastic mess. Got hit single written all over it. Seriously, this is ace." Fighting Boredom

"Smallman has carved his own niche in the UK guitar underground... special brand of off-kilter music that will strike a chord with fans of Pere Ubu." Here Comes The Flood

"Dez Dare has again presented a beautiful work... short and sweet, consistently gripping" Silence [8/10]

"It’s a cracking blast of lo-fi guitar-driven alt-rock... ‘Critical Mind Dump’ is fizzing with post-punk energy and packs an old-school vibe that’s rare nowadays... it’s raw, immediate, real." [8/10]

"An excellent EP, containing wonderful catchy punk and rock songs, which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend" Carrys New Underground Music [4/5]


All audio + video made by Darren Smallman

Illustrations by MALMALL

Mastered by Matthew Barnhart @ Chicago Mastering Service

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